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Someone stole my credit card, he came under false pretense and stole my wallet, I think I'm gonna throw up. We did what was needed so it was blocked and that motherfucking bastard can't use it, but what if he manages to do something with the papers that were inside. I'm shaking like crazy.
angry cat


I need to tell that story because I still have difficulties believing it happened.

I went to a chatroom and after some time started a discussion with someone that was quite proud to be vegetarian and a member of PETA. When he learned that I was eating meat, it ended badly but a thing stayed in my mind that almost made me cry. He claimed that no vegetarian could do things as horrible as the rest of us, meateaters. I answered that he was right, that I had the perfect example of a man who didn't want to hurt or kill animals, unfortunately for the world, jews, homosexuals, and anyone who didn't follow him blindly were humans.
He actually asked me who?

I left. I'm pretty sure he still doesn't know the answer to that one.